Here is the problem.  You have 100 lenders fighting to be your best friend, and most of them have aspects of their job that they are great at.  What I want to challenge is the assumption that what you have been experiencing is what you really need.  Yes, you need someone that demonstrates great service and can get your client a loan that they truly are excited about.

What I propose is that we take it 10 steps further.  Let’s stand out in the market with a platform where lifelong relationships  are created and nurtured.  What if you could have someone else worry about your marketing and closing gifts?   Those moments of feeling like you could be doing more are a thing of the past. 

I’ve been doing loans a long time and what I’ve learned is that I’m truly happy with fewer and deeper relationships.  I want to partner with realtors that want what I want, which is to stand out and have clients sincerely know that they have found the best team in all the land. 

Let’s connect and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes and if we can enjoy the journey together.