A unique mortgage company for your unique needs.

Mortgage Trust is a company founded on the principals of balance, community and service. 

At Mortgage Trust, we believe that our clients’ satisfaction is a function of our employees’ satisfaction. If we’re happy with our work, we should have no problems delighting our clients. And if we make our clients happy, our professional partners will continue to recommend us.

This philosophy originally prompted our founder, Michael Leland, to create Mortgage Trust in 2000. After seven years in the mortgage business, Michael decided to prove that there was a better way to serve clients.

That’s why we cultivate a fun culture, why we have a greater than 2:1 ratio of support staff to loan officers, and why our business is purely referral-driven.

This focus on relationships extends to our service approach. In addition to facilitating home loans, wealth appreciation figures prominently into our operations. We take a 360-degree look at our clients’ financial situations and goals to ensure that we present them with the most appropriate options. It’s an approach that’s been working since 2000—we figure we’re onto a good thing.